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About me

"May you travel safely, arrive refreshed, and live your time away to its fullest; Return home more enriched, and free to balance the gift of days which call you. "

- John O’Donohue

In 2006 I changed my career from being an academic researcher and lecturer in the field of Arts and Social Sciences, to starting my own coaching company. Since then my main intention has been to enhance the learning capacity, joy and effectiveness of leaders who aim to take responsibility for their impact and strive to serve and empower their employees and teams in increasing performance, relationships and results, while being stewards of a sustainable future.

It goes without saying that I live and - like all of us from time to time - struggle to practice what I preach in my personal leadership. Therefore, I regularly participate in trainings courses and I am certified in a number of methodologies and assessments. I have regular coaching and supervision and I solicit spontaneous feedback from my clients. I find humility, awe and hope witnessing the resilience and creativity of us human beings amidst the most difficult circumstances. I always intend to take full responsibility for my impact and consciously choose where to allocate my energy. Regular walks in nature are my daily dose of ground, wonder and joy. Yoga practices and cardio workouts offer me focus, strength and stability. I am inspired by and grateful for my children and I believe parenthood is a fierce form of leadership. When I am down, I dance and sing like no-one is watching or seek the company of my significant other. Taking myself less seriously and experiencing more giggles are always work in progress.

The more I grow and develop, the more in love I am with life. And the more I cut the crap.

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