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"It takes two to know one"

- Gregory Bateson

You are unique and so is your coaching journey. Depending on you, your coaching objectives and your learning preferences, coaching sessions or workshops may take place in person at my office, in Nature, remote or in a blended mix between video and written e-coaching. Together we decide what is most effective for you.


E-coaching is the newest branch on the coaching tree by means of written messages on UNLOQ campus, a digital GDPR proof platform. Psychological research shows that written coaching aligns effectively with how people develop new behaviors and competences - that is continuous, in small steps and on a daily basis. It is coaching on the job, 24/7. Whether we combine asynchronous e-coaching with coaching in real time is of course based on your needs and desires. Please see the following video for more information on the e-coaching methodology. I am a certified e-Coach at UNLOQ.

Walking & Talking Coaching

Being coached while walking in nature will not only provide you with fresh air. Even one hour of walking in nature decreases your stress hormones while becoming more receptive for creative perspectives and innovative thinking. The health benefits of walking in Nature are numerous as this recent psychiatric research shows.

Curious to find out for yourself? Schedule a free sample session - outdoors, indoors or remote.

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