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Long term partnerships

"A champion of change can motivate others to take the right turn towards a new path"

- Jan Rotmans

You as our clients are catalysts of change. You know what matters to you and have a vision of where you would like to go with your team and organization. While you aim to be a transformational and empathic leader, you are also quite often dealing with uncertainty and complex issues in a chaotic era. Serving you in embracing chaos, facing challenges and reaching your goals requires a united and collective effort.

Therefore, as coach and facilitator I am part of an ecosystem of partnerships in which we nurture each other and bring our own unique qualities and experience to best serve you.

Some of my partnerships

Zinstance has been my close-to-home partnership for years already. In this one-stop shop, we like-minded souls combine years of experience, expertise and diverse perspectives. As a network organization we are an end-to-end solution provider for individual, team and organizational change processes.

Since 2022 I am a lead consultant, coach and facilitator at UNLOQ, a global L & D company. Being an associate of UNLOQ offers me the opportunity to collaborate in serving those who serve by providing leadership development and 24/7 blended coaching to managers of several United Nations organisations and leaders in the corporate world.

On a regular basis I also collaborate with UMIO, the executive branch of Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. Our common ground is our love for lifelong learning and sustainable transformation. At UMIO, I facilitate customized workshops and provide leadership coaching to their clients from profit and not for profit organizations.

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